Welcome to CrossPoint Kids

At CrossPoint Kids, we believe there are two major influences on a child's life: home and church. This is the basis of our children's curriculum, and it is the heartbeat of CrossPoint Kids. We want to partner with parents as they seek to be the spiritual leaders in their homes and raise followers of Jesus. Our hope is that while you are deepening your faith in a weekend service that your kids are developing their faith in a kid-friendly, safe, and fun environment. During a typical weekend service, your kids will play games, sing songs, meet new friends, and learn how much they matter to God!

What We Learned This Week

This Week In Elementary

You can do what you should, even when you don’t know what will happen next.

Moses and the Burning Bush/ The 10 Plagues ( Exodus 3-6:12, 7-12:42 )

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This Week in Preschool

God can help me be brave.

Gideon at battle ( Judges 7:9-22 )

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