This week at CrossPoint we are challenging one another to the three I’s: 

  • Invest - in the lives of others by being kind, generous, or simply being the kind of person you should be
  • Invite - someone to church, to dinner, or to your house to show them Jesus 
  • Introduce - them to Jesus by telling your own story and verbalizing the Gospel

As we focus this week on “Introduce”, the challenge is to share your testimony in one minute/post or less. Simply finish these three phrases with your story:

  • My life before Christ...
  • The reason I accepted Christ...
  • Since I accepted Christ...

Then don’t forget to tag it #CrossPointIntroductions so we can all see, celebrate and share! 

Please take a moment and step out to make an introduction, and in this way, as you introduce yourself you will also be introducing Jesus!

PS - here’s an example from my own life...

My life before Christ was normal, just an American kid, growing up in a blended home, going to school and trying to feel like I was worth something by getting good grades, getting on stage as a musician, and finding a girlfriend.

The reason I accepted Christ was that I never seemed to feel significant even when I succeeded, and even when I did feel accomplished, that feeling slipped away quickly. Jesus promised that I was worth something just because He valued me and wanted me.

Since I have accepted Christ, things haven’t always been easy, but I have peace, purpose and meaning in my life. I wouldn’t trade my life as a believer for anything in the world!

Seeking more of Him and less of me,

Pastor Andy Addis

CrossPoint Church

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Andy Addis

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