Proverbs chapter 9 tells us that if you give to the wise, they becomes wiser still.

Proverbs 9:9 (ESV): Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser

In the original Hebrew the word “instruction“ in the verse above does not even exist. It’s simply there to help make the symptoms make sense in English.

So what it literally says is that if you give to a wise man, he will be wiser still…

It doesn’t matter what you give him, the wise man finds truth and transforms that into more wisdom simply because he already has the wisdom of God.

It doesn’t matter if someone comes at you full of venom, anger and hostility. There’s a kernel of truth in the rage.

It doesn’t matter if it’s boring, lackluster and not engaging, there’s something to be learned.

It may not be in what is said, or even how it’s communicated, it may simply be that it happened… but, the wise can learn from anything, always!

A sign of wisdom is the ability to discern and accept the kernel of truth in the hot mess in which it’s often hidden. 

Today, in a world of polarized opinions, dueling news agencies, and an angry culture, Seek to be close to Jesus so that you can avoid the ignorance of this world, the deceit of the culture and you can find the wisdom of God!

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