Friday was the crucifixion and Sunday is ready to see the resurrection. 

Through the blessing of history and hindsight we know that the brutality of Good Friday is worth remembering and celebrating because the victory of that first Easter Sunday is like nothing else in history. 

But, those disciples on that weekend did not know. Sure, Jesus had tried to teach them, He had told them what the Father would do, but they were clueless.

What we gather is they were huddled together afraid the authorities were coming for them, that they were gathered in prayer and quietness, overcome with grief, anxiety and confusion. 

Their past had lost its meaning, their future had lost its certainty and their present was simply a waking nightmare.

They were in between the trouble and the miracle.

This is where so many of us are this Easter weekend as well, a couple thousand years later.

Yes, the past has some scars: broken relationships, medical diagnosis, financial insecurity, spiritual doubts, they all mount up.

You may find yourself in the same place huddled up, hiding, afraid, full of anxiety, you’re in the upper room waiting for God to move. You’re just like the disciples, you’re in the in between.

As surely as the disciples were about to be blown away by an Easter Sunday morning as they were hiding in the upper room, you can know this: God is working on your darkest day, in your deepest fear, through your most significant doubt.

If trouble is behind you and the miracle in front of you hasn’t presented itself yet, then know this… You’re in the in between.

Go to Him, trust Him, seek Him… And most importantly, wait on Him. 

Seek His word on healing, protection, revelation and know that God is moving even when it feels like you’re sitting still.

Andy Addis