Executive Team

Andy Addis Andy Addis Lead Teaching & Vision Pastor
Eric Franklin Eric Franklin Executive Lead Pastor
Shaen Marks Shaen Marks Hutchinson Pastor
Ryan Booth Ryan Booth Salina Pastor
Janell Spears Janell Spears Executive Administrator

Central Services

Andy Addis Andy Addis Lead Teaching & Vision Pastor
Eric Franklin Eric Franklin Executive Lead Pastor
Jason Waller Jason Waller Executive Pastor of Worship and Engagement
Adissyn Chastain Adi Chastain Lead Teaching & Vision Pastor Assistant
Janell Spears Janell Spears Executive Administrator
Janelle Finley Janelle Finley Engagement Coordinator
Logan Henry Logan Henry Tech Director
Abagail Koch Abby Koch Financial Assistant
Lauri Douglas Lauri Douglas Business Director
Luke Casada Luke Casada Worship Arts Resident


Matthew Carder Matthew Carder Concordia Pastor
Quentin Breese Quentin Breese Worship Minister
Heather Carder Heather Carder Kids Director
Doug Rogers Doug Rogers Grow Groups Coordinator

Great Bend

Scott Murphy Scott Murphy Great Bend Pastor
Clay Boepple Clay Boepple Worship Pastor
Kayleen Weber Kayleen Weber Kids Director
Rick Taylor Rick Taylor Tech Coordinator
Tom Curran Tom Curran Serve Teams Coordinator
Heather Murphy Heather Murphy Student Minister


Micah Sanderson Micah Sanderson Hays Pastor
Cameron Brandenburg Cameron Brandenburg Worship Minister
Sabrina Adkins Sabrina Adkins Grow Groups Coordinator
Randy Adkins Randy Adkins Student Minister
Brenda Evans Brenda Evans Missions Director
Jeff Sadler Jeff Sadler Business Assistant
Tana Day Tana Day Kids Director
Noel Sanderson Noel Sanderson Network Coordinator


Shaen Marks Shaen Marks Hutchinson Pastor
Porfirio Ramirez Porfirio Ramirez Groups Outreach Pastor
Ben Ludwig Ben Ludwig Groups Community Pastor
Arlen Chastain Arlen Chastain Student Pastor
Dylan Christner Dylan Christner Pastoral Resident
Jennifer Lochard Jennifer Lochard Pastors Assistant
Daniel Munden Daniel Munden Worship Pastor
Joel Reiss Joel Reiss Family Ministries Pastor
Paul Alicea Paul Alicea Production Director
Mandy Ludwig Mandy Ludwig Groups Administrator
Valerie Dryden Val Dryden Office Administrator
Noah Addis Noah Addis Facilities Coordinator
Eric Pham Eric Pham Production Assistant
Alecia Clay Alecia Clay Kids Director
Sarah Reiss Sarah Reiss Connections Minister


Jonathan Zamora Jonathan Zamora Liberal Pastor
Veronica Zamora Veronica Zamora Kids Director
Adam Robertson Adam Robertson Student Minister
Gregg Turpin Gregg Turpin Staff
Mckenzie Altamirano Mckenzie Altamirano Serve Teams Coordinator


Joel Beckner Joel Beckner Lindsborg Pastor
Michelle Carlson Michelle Carlson Worship Minister
Michael Lochard Michael Lochard Student Minister


Brooks Marsh Brooks Marsh Osawatomie Pastor
Brian Cooke Brian Cooke Grow Groups Coordinator
Alicia Marsh Alicia Marsh Network Coordinator
Glenda Newell Glenda Newell Serve Teams Coordinator


Zachary Sachs Zach Sachs Pittsburg Pastor
Josey Martin Josey Martin Grow Groups Pastor
Aaron Burns Aaron Burns Worship Minister
Rachael Sachs Rachael Sachs Kids Director
Hannah Burns Hannah Burns Worship Administrator


Ryan Booth Ryan Booth Salina Pastor
Miles Koch Miles Koch Grow Groups & Student Pastor
Michael Lantz Michael Lantz Serve Teams Pastor
Shelly Peters Shelly Peters Kids Director
Kelsey Beckner Kelsey Beckner Office Administrator
Cheryl Cooke Cheryl Cooke Family Ministries Assistant
Jason Waller Jason Waller Worship Leader


Michael Gray Michael Gray Sterling Pastor
Derek Schneider Derek Schneider Kids Director
Faith Schneider Faith Schneider Kids Coordinator
Nancy Inwood Nancy Inwood Network Coordinator


Jameson Beckner Jameson Beckner Topeka Pastor
Courtney Beckner Courtney Beckner Worship Administrator
Michael Vierling Michael Vierling Tech Coordinator
Karen Vierling Karen Vierling Kids Director
Beth Kelly Beth Kelly Network Coordinator